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Houzz survey reveals leading landscaping patterns


When it concerns outdoor projects, house owners aren t messing around. In a new Houzz landscaping survey, 88 % of house owners associated with an outdoor job say the scope of the work is a significant or complete renovation. Their tasks include things like adding paving and garden beds, structure or upgrading structures, regrading, terracing and re-landscaping.


The Houzz Landscaping & Garden Trends Study surveyed 958 signed up U.S. Houzz users in February 2016 who had completed an outdoor task in the previous 12 months, were dealing with one or prepared to start one in the next 6 months.


In the last few years, landscape professionals and outdoor product manufacturers have developed creative methods to make outdoor areas more satisfying.


Resilient home furnishings and materials offer more convenience. Fire pits, fireplaces and heating systems extend the use of outdoor areas into cold months. Ingenious drainage methods reduce flooding, while rainwater harvesting systems water throughout droughts so plantings flourish year-round. Due to all that, who wouldn t want to spend more time outside?


Things have changed quick in the past 15 years, states Natalain Schwartz, a landscape professional in Santa Cruz, California. Landscaping isn t simply about being pretty any longer.

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